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From Miguel Manceñido, La Plata (Argentina) online on 3th October 2008

During the Annual Meeting of the Association of Earth Science Editors (AESE) formed by North American editors (, in Flagstaff (Arizona, USA), last week, Jill Hardesty has been selected to receive the AESE Outstanding Editorial and Publishing Contribution Award for 2008, a much deserved recognition to her sustained "heart & soul" committment for excellence in the Treatise project, as epitomized in Part H revised vols. 1-6 (with which we are all well acquainted). In a sense, a reward to be also proudly shared with the rest of the editorial staff at Kansas Paleontological Institute.
Congratulations for Jill´s distinction!

Read on - 30th October 2008 :

AESE 2008 Award Winners

Jill Hardesty

Jill Hardesty, assistant editor for the Paleontological Institute, University of Kansas, is recognized for her outstanding editorial contributions and dedication for more than 12 years to the publication of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, especially revised part H (Brachiopoda), which paleontologists widely use as a standard reference. The Treatise was published between 1997 and 2007 in six volumes comprising more than 3,200 pages. Hardesty’s colleagues and numerous international contributors wholeheartedly supported her nomination for this award by attesting to her meticulous attention to countless details, not only in text, illustrations, and layout but also in bibliography, orthography, zoological nomenclature, and stratigraphic terminology. Their letters suggest that she not only accomplished editorial excellence but she also adhered to a demanding schedule with humor, charm, and diplomacy. Hardesty has been an AESE member since 1995 and served on the board of directors in 2002–2004.


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