Dr. Olga Nikolaïevna Zezina died on 1 December 2014


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Olga Nikolaevna Zezina


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All professional activity Olga Nikolaevna was associated with the Institute of Oceanology. She came to the Laboratory of benthos in 1960, immediately after training at the Department of Hydrobiology, ichthyology faculty of the Moscow Technical Institute of Fishing Industry and Economy. AI Mikoyan, where she graduated with honors. After graduate school part-time under the leadership of LA Zenkevich, Olga defended her thesis, and in 1983 and a doctorate.

The main focus of her research was important for marine communities - brachiopods group of animals. Olga was the most authoritative expert on this group not only in our country but also abroad. Apart from the issues directly related to the taxonomy of brachiopods, their role in the community and patterns of distribution in the oceans, especially on the slopes of the continents, islands and underwater ridges, Olga developed important theoretical problem. It was first suggested biogeographic regionalization scheme bathyal zone of the ocean. In the range of interests Olga Nikolaevna were questions of history of formation of modern marine fauna, elucidation of the mechanisms of conservation of faunal relicts in different vertical zones of the ocean and the development of the concept as a universal gipomorfoza direction deepwater adaptations of invertebrates.

Olga participated in six ocean expeditions, including the legendary "Vitiaz". Based on materials from domestic and foreign taxes it has created the world's largest collection of modern brachiopods.

Olga was open to discuss issues with hydrobiological geology, hydrology, paleontology; She knew the value of interdisciplinary approaches and was an indispensable companion and source of hydro-biological knowledge to their colleagues of different specialties. Until the last days of his life Olga remained joyful human activity. It was generously endowed with the gift to feel the joy of life, and willingly shared the pleasure we get from his travels, beautiful and intelligent books, establishment of country life, socializing with pets ...

We, her colleagues, will not soon get used to the fact that she was not with us. We will miss her cheerful participation in the daily life of the laboratory, its paradoxical reasoning, her ability to live without sadness ...

List of her publications on Brachiopoda...

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