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The systematic position of the Lower Cambrian Heliomedusa Sun and Hou from the Chengjiang lagerstatten (Yu´anshan Formation), Yunnan is re-evaluated in the light of new material. Heliomedusa was most recently assigned provisionally to the craniopsid group of brachiopods (Subphylum Craniiformea, Class Craniata, Order Craniopsida). The new specimens demonstrate that Heliomedusa has a punctate shell that was perforated by tubes, some of which contain chitinous seate at the surface. The ontogeny includes a differentiated juvenile shell (about 1 mm wide), and both the juvenile and mature have a distinctive pustulose ornamentation, with pustules arranged in radiating rows. The presence of these characters casts doubt on the craniopsid affinity of Heliomedusa and indicates that it belongs to the Family Mickwitziidae, proposed recently as a stem group of the Brachiopoda.

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