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Benthos : Mediterranean benthic bionomics

About Taxonomic databases...

More and more taxonomic databases dealing with biodiversity (and available online) are driven by IT (information technicians) rather than by taxonomists or systematicians who are scientists. Consequently, the data are not all certified by skilled specialists of the concerned taxa, including their distribution, pictures, etc. See below...

Scientific death-knell against databases? Errors induced by database manipulations and its consequences.
Carnets Geol., 15 (16), 231-238.
Emig C. C., Bitner M. A. & F. Álvarez (2015)
 | full text  | pdf  |  online November 11, 2015 |  doi: 10.4267/2042/57949

The authors of this article should be considered as whistleblowers.

Such taxonomic databases cannot be used for scientific purposes and studies. Thus, no links are provided according to the present situation.


Consequently, BrachNet and Phoronid@ are now editing their own taxonomic databases exclusively managed by specialists: