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Web sites :
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Database Partners:

  • Brachiopoda World Database [C. Emig, A. Bitner, F. Álvarez]
    partly under scientific control of the editors
  • ERMS European Register of Marine Species - incomplete

Related web sites - with Phoronida in...


Database Partners:

More and more databases dealing with Biodiversity are driven by informaticians.
Consequently, the published data are not certified by a skilled specialist of the concerned taxa and their distribution.

Databases which need to update Phoronida and Brachiopoda - use carefully [and always check on Marine Species.org]:

GBIF - UBIO - NBCI - Comments on DAISIE

Databases which may contain wrong data on Phoronida and Brachiopoda:


Nota: AquaNIS is said a public online information system on the aquatic Non-Indigenous Species (NIS), and species which might be considered as NIS, i.e. cryptogenic species.


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