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Megerlia (Linné, 1767)


Photo 1:
Megerlia truncata (Linné, 1767) among many specimens of Megathiris detruncata in cave, 12 m depth (Madeira, Portugal).
© Peter Wirtz




Photo 2:
Mergerlia truncata on the upper slope off Corsica (France) - 250 m depth, with several Megathiris detruncata specimens.
  © Christian Emig




Photo 3:
Megerlia truncata (formerly named M. monstruosa) and some specimens of Novocrania anomala, on the upper slope off Corsica (France) - 250 m depth .   © Christian Emig



Photo 4:
Specimens of Megerlia truncata, originally named M. gigantea, from the Indian Ocean [collection Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris].   © Christian Emig




Photo 5:
Megerlia truncata along the continental slope off La Ciotat (France), 250 m depth.   © Christian Emig









Plate 1 - Photos A-E:
Set of branches of the stony coral Dendrophyllia cornigera with many brachiopods, i.e., Novocrania anomala, Megerlia truncata (and occurrence of the form formerly called Pantellaria/Megerlia monstruosa). On photo C, Megerlia fixed on Novocrania.
Sources: st. BM 30: 139-147 m, 42°41.67'N - 8°48.11'E (R/V Catherine-Laurence - N off Bay of Calvi, W Corsica); st. A36: 175-180 m, 42°58'36"N - 5°36'24"E; st. A 91: 195-200 m, 42°59.1'N - 5°33.40'E (R/V Antedon - South of La Ciotat, Blauquières Bank, Provence).

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