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Phoronis australis Haswell, 1883


Photo 1:
Phoronis australis  in about 10 m depth at Tarrafal, northwestern coast of Sao Tiago Island (Cape Verde Islands), the first record of Phoronida in these islands. Copyright Peter Wirtz, PO Box 103, P - 9125 Canico, Madeira (Portugal)...  see also his books and photos.


Photo 2:
Phoronis australis  in Sesimbra near Lisbon (Portugal). Copyright Peter Wirtz




Photo 3:
Phoronis australis  in Lagoa Azul (São Tomé Island), northwest coast, 8 m depth, on large black cerianthid. Copyright Peter Wirtz







Photo 4:
Phoronis australis  in a (Pachy)Cerianthus at Madeira Island , in front of Caniço, at 25 m depth. Copyright Peter Wirtz.


Photo 5:
Phoronis australis  in a Cerianthus, SW coast of Fulija islet, near Iz Is. (Croatia), at 20 m depth. Copyright Hrvoje Cizmek





Photo 6:
Phoronis australis  in a Cerianthus, near Trogir (Croatia), at 3 m depth.
Copyright Hrvoje Cizmek.


Photo 7:
Phoronis australis in a tube of Cerianthus near Almeria (Spain). Copyright J. M. Vieitez.










Photo 8:
Phoronis australis THE LOPHOPHORE.
© Photo Melih E. Çinar - Caption Christian C. Emig.

Phoronis Phoronis australis - coll. P. Wirtz

Phoronis australis - coll. P. Wirtz

 Phoronis australis - coll. Hrvoje Cizmek

 Phoronis australis



Photo 9:
Phoronis australis in a reef environment at Sulawesi Island (Indonesia).
Copyright Teresa Zubi
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Photo 10:
Phoronis australis  in a Cerianthid at the Pipeline, Port Stephens (New South Wales, Australia).
Copyright David Harasti
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Photo 11:
Lophohopre of Phoronis australis with embryos at Kampong Pasir Ris (Singapour).
Copyright Ria Tan
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Photo 12-14:
Phoronis australis with embryos in the lophophore at Jahir (Lembeh strait, Indonesia) October 3, 2011. Depth between 12 and 18 m.
The specimens are embedded in a sandy sediment - not in cerianthid tubes.
Copyright Godfried van Moorsel - ECOSUB
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Photo 15-18:
Phoronis australis in cerianthid tubes at Chorto (Pagasitikos gulf, Greece). Depth 10 m. Some specimens have embryos in the lophophore.
Copyright Loukia Triantafyll















Photo 19:
Phoronis australis in a tube of Cerianthus membranaceus in the semidark zone of Fara cave, Lesvos Island (Greece). Depth 18 m. The specimens are brooding embryos in the lophophore.
Copyright Maria Sini - see Gerovasileiou et al. (2015)















Photo 20:
Phoronis australis on the "Côte Bleue" (Aix-Marseille-Provence-Métropole, France).
Copyright Stephane Jamme - see www.cotebleue.org/

Photo 21:
Phoronis australis: in Visayas (Philippines). Copyright Steven Weinberg.

The tube of the cerianthid seems to have been damaged because in its upper part the ampulla of the phoronids can be seen out of the tube; this part acting as anchor is always located in the rear-end of the phoronid tube within that of the cerianthid. A shrimp Ancylomenes magnificus is swimming over the tube.

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