C. Emig
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♣  Fashion in the scientific Ethic
♣  The Human standing up the Nature
♣  Can the human being become almighty?
♣  When the nature questions the Christian...
♣  Science and Alterity
♣  Evolution of the Mediterranean basin: ecological equilibriums
♣  The WEB languages : the html language to realise a web site (one day)

♣♥  Introduction to the Thermodynamics in Biology and the cladistic analysis
♣♥  The population, functional unit of the biocenosis
♣♥  Thermodynamical approach of the biological systems - Relations with the ecological systems
♣♥  History of the Mediterranean Oceanography

   ♥  The Bathyal Zone
   ♥  The Mediterranean deep-sea
   ♥  Biodiversity of the Mediterranean deep-sea
   ♥  Phylogeny and cladistical analysis
   ♥  Are the Lophophorates a phylum?
   ♥  The Phoronida
   ♥  The Brachiopoda
   ♥  The Brachiopoda as multidisciplinary tools

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