Nomen nudum Phoronis euxinicola Selys-Longchamps, 1907

In Odessa Bay (Ukraina), Metschnikoff (1869, 1871) described an actinotroch which was subsequently named Actinotrocha metschnikoffi by Selys-Longshamps (1907, p. 188 - see below the facsimile), who also designated its adult form as a new species, Phoronis euxinicola.

Nevertheless P. euxinicola remains a nomen nudum, and the two figures drawn by Selys-Longchamps (1907: fig. 25 and 26 on Plate 7 - see below the facsimile) closely resemble the general characteristics of P. psammophila. But, the sections appear to be related either to a young individual after metamorphosis or to an individual regenerating its lophophore.

On the other hand, Emig (1982) synonymized the larva Actinotrocha metschnikoffi with A. sabatieri.

Facsimile of an extract of p. 188 (with the only known description of Phoronis euxinicola) and of the Pl, 7 with figures 25 & 26 (org. loph.: lophophoral organe; Oes.:oesophagus; Int.: intestine ; Pav.ur.: nephridial funnel; C.ur.: ascending branch of the nephridia).

Several species of Phoronida have been recorded in various localities of the blanck Sea (see Emig et al., 2003), i.e., Phoronis psammophila and P. muelleri.

Nevertheless, Bulgarian authors (Marinov, 1990 ; Marinov & Stoykov, 1990 ; Stoykov & Uzunova, 2001) have quoted Phoronis euxinicola - without giving a description - in recent benthic studies along the Bulgarian coast (Bourgas Bay to Cape Emine, Kaliatra, Galata, Malslen). None of the authors did histological slides to corroborate their "identification" (Uzunova, com. pers., 2007).

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