Actinotrocha sabatieri Roule, 1890

Adult: Phoronis psammophila Cori, 1889


Actinotrocha metschnikoffi Selys-Longchamps, 1907

Actinotrocha wilsoni A Selys-Longchamps, 1907

Actinotrocha hatscheki Selys-Longchamps, 1907

Actinotrocha ashworthi Selys-Longchamps, 1907

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Last update: September 9, 2002  

Body large and transparent with pigmentation from 6-T stage.
Pigmentation at first two pigment masses located on both sides of the apical plate, later at the distal end of the tentacles.
Tentacles: until 12 larval tentacles; adult tentacles appear as thickening of the wall of the larval tentacles at the end of the 10-T stage.
Three blood masses, two on each side of the stomacal diverticulum and one on the ventral midline just above the insertion of the tentacles.
Stomach diverticulum unpaired.

  •  Most recent published diagnoses

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