Carnets Geol. 14 (3)  

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Acanthocythereis colini nomen novum
for A. reticulata Sciuto, 2014

Francesco Sciuto

Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Science, Palaeoecological Research Group, University of Catania, I-95124 Catania (Italy)

Manuscript online since February 28, 2014
[Editor: Bruno Granier; language editor: Stephen Eagar]

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Sciuto F. (2014).- Acanthocythereis colini nomen novum for A. reticulata Sciuto, 2014.- Carnets de Géologie [Notebooks on Geology], Brest, vol. 14, nº 3, p. 39.

In Sciuto (2014), a new species, Acanthocythereis reticulata, was described from the Upper Pliocene sediments of NE Sicily and belonging to the Family Trachyleberididae Sylvester-Bradley, 1948. Nonetheless, the new species name is preoccupied by A. reticulata Smith, 1978, described from the Danian of Alabama (p. 553, Pl. 5, figs. 5-7). According to the Code of Zoological Nomenclature it is necessary to replace the name of the junior homonym. Therefore, I propose a new name for the species from Capo Milazzo.

Class Ostracoda Latreille, 1806

Order Podocopida Sars, 1866

Suborder Cytherocopina Grundel, 1967

Superfamily Cytheroidea Baird, 1850

Family Trachyleberididae Sylvester-Bradley, 1948

Subfamily Trachyleberidinae Sylvester-Bradley, 1948

Genus Acanthocythereis Howe, 1963

Acanthocythereis colini nomen novum

Acanthocythereis reticulata Sciuto, 2014.- Carnets Geol., 14 (1), p. 8, Pl. 1, fig. J ; Pl. 2, figs. A-K . Preoccupied by Acanthocythereis reticulata Smith, 1978.- Gulf Coast Ass. Geol. Soc., Trans., 28 (2), p. 553, Pl. 5, figs. 5-7.

Derivatio nominis – In honour of the late Dr. Jean-Paul Colin (1948-2013) for his passionate work on ostracods (Carbonel et al., 2013).


I am grateful to Prof. Eugen Karl Kempf for advising me about the preoccupied name.

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