Figure 2. Coskinolina yucatanensis n.sp. from the Paleocene of Campeche (SE Mexico). Scale bar = 0.3 mm. A-F, longitudinal, slightly oblique sections. G-I, transversal sections. A-B, C-I, megalospheric specimens. C, microspheric? specimen. A, 95-Me-38-02 (Paratype). B, 95-Me-38-01 (Holotype). C, 95-Me-38-06. D, 95-Me-38-07. E, 95-Me-38-08. F, 95-Me-38-09. G, 95-Me-38-10. H, 95-Me-38-03 (Paratype). I, 95-Me-38-04 (Paratype).

Abbreviations: f: foramen; m a: marginal aperture; m f: marginal foramen; p: pillar; s: septum. See Hottinger, 2006, for definition of terms.