Figure 3. Coskinolina yucatanensis n.sp. from the Paleocene of Campeche (SE Mexico). Scale bar = 0.6 mm for pictures A-C and E-O; 0.075 mm for picture D. A-C, G-O, oblique sections. Note the embryo in apical position in picture L. D, detail of the chamber wall of the specimen 3 showing the pseudo-keriothecal structure. E-F, longitudinal sections. A, 95-Me-38-11-12. B, 95-Me-38-13. C, 95-Me-38-14. D, 95-Me-38-15. E, 95-Me-38-16. F, 95-Me-38-17. G, 95-Me-38-18. H, 95-Me-38-19. I, 95-Me-38-20. J, 95-Me-38-21. K, 95-Me-38-05. L, 95-Me-38-22 (Paratype). M, 95-Me-38-23. N, 95-Me-38-24. O, 95-Me-38-56.

Abbreviations: ch: chamber; f: foramen; p: pillar; s: septum. See Hottinger, 2006, for definition of terms.