Figure 9. Borelis floridanus Cole, 1941 (A-O), Cincoriola cf. ovoidea (Haque, 1958) (P-T), Neotaberina sp. (U-V, X-B') and Rhabdorites sp. (W, C'-D') from the Paleocene of Campeche (SE Mexico). Scale bar = 0.6 mm. A-B, F-H, J, L, axial sections. C-D, K, M, tangential sections. E, I, U-D', oblique sections. O, equatorial, slightly oblique section. P-R, T, axial, slightly oblique sections. S, transverse section. Note the aligned position of the foramina between two adjacent chambers in Cincoriola cf. ovoidea (Haque, 1958) (Q-R). A, 95-Me-38-25. B, 95-Me-38-26. C, 95-Me-38-27. D, 95-Me-38-28-29. E, 95-Me-38-30. F, 95-Me-38-31. G, 95-Me-38-32. H, 95-Me-38-33. I, 95-Me-38-34. J, 95-Me-38-35. K, 95-Me-38-36. L, 95-Me-38-37. M, 95-Me-38-38. N, 95-Me-38-39. O, 95-Me-38-40. P, 95-Me-38-41. Q, 95-Me-38-42. R, 95-Me-38-43. S, 95-Me-38-44. T, 95-Me-38-45. U, 95-Me-38-46. V, 95-Me-38-47. W, 95-Me-38-48. X, 95-Me-38-49. Y, 95-Me-38-50. Z, 95-Me-38-51. A', 95-Me-38-52. B', 95-Me-38-53. C', 95-Me-38-54. D', 95-Me-38-55.

Abbreviations: ch: chamber; f: foramen; p: pile; pr: proloculus; prp: preseptal space; s: septum; sl: septulum. See Hottinger, 2006, for definition of terms.