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Figure 5: Tahanoute section. A, view of the lower part of the section; B, View of the mid and upper parts of the section; C, Wave rippled surfaces within a tide-influenced beach facies; D, dipping surfaces within a beach wedge; E, view of lowermost Cenomanian, marl-dominated sequences (M-F sequence Ce1) (people, circled, for scale); F, view of the Cenomanian-Turonian transition; G, view of the package of H-F sequences at top of a medium-frequency sequence Ce1; H; transition from the evenly-laminated beach facies and the transgressive, HCS-bearing deposits; I; view of a typical H-F sequence showing the beach facies sharply resting on offshore nodular limestones; J, view of a beach facies bearing HCS sandwiched within the even lamination. Abreviations as on Fig. 3; Ab, Albian, Ce, Cenomanian, Tu, Turonian; Vr, Vraconnian; b, beach facies; HCS, hummocky-cross-stratification; oy, oysters; rc, rip current channel; sb, storm beds.