Carnets de Géologie / Notebooks on Geology: Memoir 2005/02 (CG2005_M02)



Pre-Cambrian to Palaeozoic
Palaeopalynology and Palaeobotany



A meeting organized by the NFSR Working Group:
« Micropaléontologie végétale et Palynologie (MVP) »
and supported by the NFSR, the University of Liège, and the French Community of Belgium.

University of Liège (May 11, 2005)

P. Steemans and E. Javaux (Special Editors)




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Breuer P., Al-Ghazi A., Filatoff J., Higgs K.T., Steemans P. & Wellman C.H. (2005).- Stratigraphic palynology of Devonian boreholes from northern Saudi Arabia.
[HTML] or [PDF 606 KB], p. 3-9

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[HTML] or [PDF 180 KB], p. 11-14

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[HTML] or [PDF 289 KB], p. 15-19

Golubkova E. & Raevskaya E. (2005).- Main changes in microfossil communities during the Upper Proterozoic of Russia.
[HTML] or [PDF 177 KB], p. 21-25

Javaux E.J. & Marshall C.P. (2005).- Tracking the record of early life.
[HTML] or [PDF 405 KB], p. 27-31

Prestianni C. (2005).- Early diversification of seeds and seed-like structures.
[HTML] or [PDF 303 KB], p. 33-38

Raevskaya E. (2005).- Diversity and distribution of Cambrian acritarchs from the Siberian and East-European platforms - a generalized scheme.
[HTML] or [PDF 476 KB], p. 39-44

Ribecai C., Bagnoli G., Mazzarini F. & Musumeci G. (2005).- Paleontological evidence for Late Cambrian in the Arburese area, SW Sardinia.
[HTML] or [PDF 797 KB], p. 45-50

Rubinstein C.V. (2005).- Ordovician to Lower Silurian palynomorphs from the Sierras subandinas (Subandean ranges), northwestern Argentina: a preliminary report.
[HTML] or [PDF 286 KB], p. 51-56

Streel M. & Hartkopf-Fröder C. (2005).- Late Famennian correlation by miospores between the Refrath 1 borehole (Bergisch Gladbach-Paffrath Syncline, Germany) and the reference section of Chanxhe (Dinant Syncline, Belgium).
[HTML] or [PDF 405 KB], p. 57-60

Vanguestaine M. & Brück P.M. (2005).- A Middle Cambrian age for the Ediacara fauna from the Booley Bay Formation, County Wexford, Ireland: new acritarch data and its implications.
[HTML] or [PDF 92 KB], p. 61-62

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[HTML] or [PDF 228 KB], p. 63-68

Vecoli M., Lehnert O. & Servais T. (2005).- The role of marine microphytoplankton in the Ordovician biodiversification event.
[HTML] or [PDF 98 KB], p. 69-70

Wauthoz B. (2005).- Correlation and biostratigraphy of the Kortrijk (Sint-Antonius) and Kortrijk (Lust) boreholes (early Silurian, Belgium).
[HTML] or [PDF 727 KB], p. 71-77

For their interest, comments and advices during the preparation of this special volume the editors thank (in alphabetic order): A. Achab (Quebec-Canada), C. Berry (Cardiff-UK), B. Granier (Brest-France), A. Le Hérissé (Brest-France), B. Meyer-Berthaud (Montpellier-France), B. Owens (Sheffield-UK), E. Raevskaya (Saint Petersburg-Russia), N. Sander (Modesto-CA, USA), T. Tyrell (Southampton-UK), M. Vanguestaine (Liège-Belgium), and J. Verniers (Ghent-Belgium).
The full version of articles presented here as extended abstracts will be published in various journals. For more details please contact the authors.

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