Figure 9: Alveoles.
A-D: model (schematic, not to scale) of the genus Malatyna Sirel, subaxial, subequatorial and tangential sections. Igualada, North-Eastern Spain. Uppermost Middle Eocene. E-F: Globoreticulina iranica Rahaghi, tangential and axial sections. Shiraz, Iran. Middle-Upper Eocene. G-H: Bullalveolina bulloides Reichel, axial and subequatorial sections. Peribetics, South-Eastern Spain. Lower Oligocene. I: Austrotrillina striata Adams, sections perpendicular to apertural axis and tangential sections. Kirkuk, Iraq. Oligocene. J-K: Everticyclammina virguliana (Koechlin), equatorial sections. Mechra Klila, North-Eastern Morocco, Uppermost Jurassic. All sections transmitted light micrographs.
a: (main) aperture; al: alveole; bl: basal layer; f: (main) foramen; pr: proloculus; prp: preseptal passage (in these cases extending over most of the chamber lumen); s: septum; sa: supplementary aperture; sl: septular ridges (incomplete septula)..