Figure 19: Henson's "subepidermal partitions" (1948, text-figs. 6-7).
A: axial sections of uniserial cones (as in Orbitolinidae) with (a) "primary subepidermal plates" and (b) with "primary and secondary subepidermal plates". B: basal sections of radial zone showing in addition to "radial plates" (a) "thick, straight radial partitions, (b) "thin radial partitions in zigzag" and (c) "subepidermal plates thickening inward". Compare Fig. 71.
Current interpretation given in red: b: beam (perpendicular to septum); e: epiderm; f: foramina (in Orbitolinines forming a crosswise-oblique pattern); r: rafter (parallel to septum); s: septum; sl: septulum (may fuse with beam).