Plate 1, figs. 1-9. Globoreticulina iranica Rahaghi, 1978. 1: axial section. Note the oblique sections of the septa showing the disposition of the foramina on the septal face. 2: oblique centered section. In addition a tangential section of Austrotrillina eocaenica n. sp. with its alveolar exoskeleton. 3: oblique section inclined about 30° to the axis of coiling. Note on upper right the almost axial section of the spiral chamber revealing from right to left all the elements of the structure of the chamber. In addition on the lower left an oblique section of Penarchaias glynnjonesi (Henson, 1950). 4: equatorial section. Note the absence of exoskeletal partitions of the chamber lumen in the first six regularly coiled nepionic chambers. 5: oblique centered section near the equatorial plane showing details of the embryo including the long flexostyle. 6: equatorial section of young specimen. 7: tangential section inclined about 45° to the coiling axis. Note the alignment of the endoskeletal ridges on the basal layer at the bottom of the chamber and the differentiation of beams and rafters in the alveolar exoskeleton. 8: two oblique sections. 9: oblique section of specimen crushed prior to cementation of the sediment during early diagenesis.
Abbreviations: alv: alveoli; b: beam; bl: basal layer; f: foramen; en: endoskeletal ridges on basal layer; gl: glomerulus; prp: preseptal passage; r: rafter; s: septum.