Plate 1. External lateral views of some heavily ornate involute shells; figs. 1-13. Daviesina langhami Smout, 1954. Note the whorl sutures indicating the imperfect involution of the test and the doubling of the periphery in 3 and 4. Specimens 1-4 from sample 92010a, Dhak pass, Salt Range, Pakistan, top Lockhart Lst., SBZ 4. Specimens 5-13 from sample 92014, Nammal Gorge, Salt Range, Lowest part of Nammal shales, SBZ 5; figs. 14-20. Miscellanea miscella (d'Archiac & Haime, 1853). All specimens from samples 95108 and 95109, Dhak pass, Salt Range, lowest part of Patala shales, SBZ 4. Note specimen 20 that is figured from both sides in order to show the degree of reflection in the ornament; figs. 21-27. Miscellanea juliettae Leppig, 1988. All specimens from sample 93563, Dandot village, Salt Range, Pattala shales below coal seam, SBZ 3.

Abbreviations: dp: double periphery; per: simple periphery; wsut: whorl suture.