Students (only!) = € 50.00

Registration (before Nov. 22nd) = € 125.00

Very Late Registration (after Nov. 22nd) = CHF 250.00 (!)

Accompanying Person = € 60.00

Lunches on days 2 and 3 = € 50.00
Lunches on days 1 to 3 = € 75.00

"Gala Dinner" at Bain des P‚quis (on day 3)= € 45.00

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Note: Because the meeting is billed at cost price, there will be no refund

(except for lunches and/or the dinner, because cancellations may be made up to 2 weeks before the meeting starts).

We understand that there are no facilities for PayPal, Visa, ... payments in some countries (Algeria, Iran, etc.). The concerned persons should contact us as soon as possible to discuss alternatives.