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R. Coccioni, A. Montanari & G.S. Odin, 1994.
Miocene stratigraphy of Italy and adjacent regions.
Gior. Geol., vol. spec. 56/1, 212 pp.

A la suite d'une réunion internationale organisée sous l'égide de la Sous-commission de Géochronologie de l'UISG animée par le 3ème rédacteur et dont le thème était la datation des terrains miocènes, 15 contributions ont été sélectionnées pour ce volume.
Elles portent sur différents aspects de la stratigraphie de ces temps en Italie et dans les pays voisins.

Ce fichier présente:

- Liste des contributions (voir)
- Avant Propos (en anglais) par R. Coccioni, A. Montanari, G. S. Odin (voir)










The glaucony-bearing horizon in the lower Miocene Bisciaro Formation (Umbria-Marche Apennines) A. Amorosi



Volcanogenic and paleomagnetic studies on the Cenozoic calc-alkalic eruptive
sequence of Monte Furru (Bosa, mid-western Sardinia) A. Assorgia, L.S. Chan, A. Demo, C. Garbarino, A. Montanari, R. Rizzo & R.Tocco
Litho- and Biostratigraphy

The volcaniclastic bodies in the lower Miocene Bisciaro Formation (Umbria-
Marche Apennines, central Italy) A. Amorosi, R. Coccioni & F. Tateo

Miocene diatom rich section of Aramengo (Monferrato, Piedmont): preliminary results M.C. Bonci, P. Clari, E. Ferrero M, A. Negri, C. Pirini R., B. Ricci & G. Valleri
The Livello Raffaello (early Miocene) in the Umbria-Marche Apennines, Italy: stratigraphy, paleontology, mineralogy, and geochemistry R. Coccioni, N. Morandi & F. Tateo
Volcano-sedimentary beds of Oligocene age from the Tertiary Piedmont Basin (NW Italy): biostratigraphy and mineralogy A. d'Atri & F. Tateo
Stratigraphic and volcaniclastic events in the Vicchio Marls Auct. (Cervarola Tectonic Unit) along the Monte Fatucchio section (northern Apennines, Italy) M. Delle Rose, F. Guerrera, A. Renzulli & F. Serrano
Niveaux volcanoclastiques du Miocene inférieur et moyen d'Albanie K Vathi, I. Fili & G.S. Odin

The first occurrence of Neogloboquadrina atlantica (Berggren) in the Mediterranean R. Coccioni, S. Galeotti & R. Di Leo

Calcareous plankton biostratigraphy of the marne a Orbulina Unit (Miocene, central Italy) M.L. Pampaloni, R.M. Pichezzi, I. Raffi & M. Rossi
Dinoflagellate cysts palaeoenvironmental analysis of the Oligocene/Miocene transition in northwest and central Italy D. Zevenboom, H. Brinkhuis & H. Visscher

Serravallian shales in the Monte del Corvi pelagic sequence (Ancona, Italy): an organic geochemical perspective M.A. Kruge, B.A. Stankiewicz & A. Montanari


40Ar/39Ar geochronology of a Burdigalian tuff from central-northern Sardinia G.S. Odin, A. Assorgia, S. Barca, A. Porcu, C. Spano, J. Hernandez & M. Cosca

Premiers âges géochronologiques de niveaux volcanoclastiques oligocènes de la Région de Zasavje, Slovénie G. S. Odin, B. Jelen, K Drobne, J. Uhan, D. Skaberne, J. Pavsic, F. Cimerman,
M. Cosca & J. C. Hunziker

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R. Coccioni, A. Montanari & G.S. Odin, 1994
Miocene stratigraphy of Italy and adjacent regions



This volume contains a selection of scientific papers first presented at a conference held in Portonovo (Ancona, Italy) on November 11-15, 1992, under the aegis of the Subcommission on Geochronology (SOG) of the International Union of Geological Sciences, Commission on Stratigraphy. We have organised this meeting as a rendez-vous for the participants of the Mlocene COlumbus Project (MICOP), an initially European-American research project later (following Portonovo) transformed to an International program undertaken by a specific Working Group of the SOG. The working approach to this research project was to apply geochronology to selected Miocene fossiliferous sections, therefore attempting an integrated stratigraphic definition of the Miocene marine record.
The main objective of these studies was to propose the means for global stratigraphic correlation, and in particular: 1) search for sections in which different analytical methodologies and approaches could be applied; 2) collect the results which would be useful for general correlation purposes; and 3) on the basis of the whole wealth of new data and knowledge derived from the MICOP, forward recommendations on the choice of particularly interesting sections and points for the refinement of the chronostratigraphic time scale (GSSP: Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point).
The papers included in this special volume are mainly of specialistic character (i.e. litho-stratigraphic, litho- and biostratigraphic, biostratigraphic, chemostratigraphic, and geochronologic), and regional relevance. The MICOP contributions which through interregional correlation and interdisciplinary approaches leads to Integrated stratigraphy, will constitute the content of another special volume, currently in preparation, under the title of "Miocene Integrated Stratigraphic Sequence" (MISS), which will be published elsewhere.
As editors of both these volumes, and organizers of the MICOP, we would like to thank all the colleagues who contributed to the success of this project. We also thank the supporters of the MICOP conference including the "Giunta of the Regione Marche", Mr. Aldo Roscioni, owner of the hosting Hotel "La Fonte" in Portonovo, the Geological Observatory of Coldigioco (Charles Smith), and the MICOP technical staff. We are particularly grateful to Franco Ricci Lucchi for having made possible the publication of this special volume and the colleagues who kindly reviewed the manuscripts.

December 30, 1994
Rodolfo Coccioni
Alessandro Montanari
Gilles Serge Odin

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