Ref 244.
Odin, G.S., 1992 (rédacteur). Phanerozoic Time scale. Bull. Liais. Inform., IUGS Subcom. Geochronology. 10: 56 p.

Phanerozoic Time scale; BULLETIN of LIAISON and INFORMATION of the IUGS Subcommission on Geochronology (International Commission on Stratigraphy)
G.S. Odin (Chairman) H. Lippolt (Vice Chairman) A.J. Hurford (Secretary)
Volume 10 (I-1992)
Echelle des temps phanérozoïques; BULLETIN de LIAISON et INFORMATION
Sous commission de Géochronologie de l'UISG (Commission Internationale de Stratigraphie)
G.S. Odin (Président) H. Lippolt (Vice Président) A.J. Hurford (Secrétaire)

Contents/ Sommaire

A- Administrative life of the Subcommission
A-1 Proposal for reorganization of the ICS
p. 2
A-2. Annual report 1991 of SOG to ICS
p. 3
B- Contributions to the research
B-1. Thema: Time scale

- The age of the Palaeogene Stage boundaries (G.S. Odin, H.P. Luterbacher)

p. 6

- More Data for the Permian-Triassic Boundary Age (Zhang Zichao)

p. 14

- The Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary in NE Mexico (A. Montanari)

p. 16

- Search for Miocene volcano-sedimentary layers (G.S. Odin)

p. 18

- Miocene Columbus Project; progress report (A. Montanari, R. Coccioni, G.S. Odin)

p. 19
B-2. Thema: Analytical reference materials

Recent data dealing with K-Ar reference materials (G.S. Odin)

p. 33
B-3. Thema: Reliability of geochronometers

Microtektites as a geochronometer (A. Montanari)

p. 35
B-4. Connection with other ICS bodies

Archaean stratigraphy revisited (R. Flint secretary Subcom. Precambrian Stratigraphy)

p. 36

Note on recently proposed GSSP's : Eocene-Oligocene, Cretaceous/Palaeogene, Precambrian/Cambrian boundaries (G.S. Odin)

p. 37

Physico-chemical tools for Jurassic stratigraphy (G.S. Odin, B. Galbrun, M. Renard)

p. 39
C- Reports, Meetings and useful references
C-1.- Some national activity reports
p. 50

Australia: J. Claoué-Long

Canada: H. Baadsgaard

China: Wang Songshan,

France: G.S. Odin

Japan: I. Kaneoka

United States: A. Montanari

C-2. Meetings
p. 53
C-3. References
p. 55