Ref 258.
Odin, G.S., 1993 (rédacteur). Phanerozoic Time scale. Bull. Liais. Inform., IUGS Subcom. Geochronology. 11: 70 p.

Phanerozoic Time scale; BULLETIN of LIAISON and INFORMATION of the IUGS Subcommission on Geochronology (International Commission on Stratigraphy)
G.S. Odin (Chairman) H. Lippolt (Vice Chairman) A.J. Hurford (Secretary)
Volume 11 (I-1993)
Echelle des temps phanérozoïques; BULLETIN de LIAISON et INFORMATION
Sous commission de Géochronologie de l'UISG (Commission Internationale de Stratigraphie)
G.S. Odin (Président) H. Lippolt (Vice Président) A.J. Hurford (Secrétaire)

A. Administrative life of the Subcommission
A.1. Bodies of IUGS
p. 2
A.2. Annual report to ICS (1992)
p. 2
A.3. Updated Membership list
p. 5
B. Contributions to the research
B.1. Thema: Time scale

- Precambrian-Cambrian GSSP, Biostratigraphy, Geochronology… by E. Landing

p. 6

- About the new definition of the Cambrian System by G.S Odin

p. 9

- The Middle Jurassic time-scale: single crystal Ar-Ar laser probe ages… by B.J. Kowallis et al

p. 10

- U-Pb & fission track geochronology of Bathonian-Callovian tuffs… by G.S. Odin et al

p. 11

- Datations K-Ar de hornblende volcanique du Bajocien du Caucase by G.S. Odin et al


- Age of the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary in the W Interior USA… by B.J. Kowallis et al

p. 25

- A presumably volcano-sedimentary layer near the C/Pg boundary… by G.S. Odin et al

p. 26

- Short review of the… geochronological studies of the Miura Peninsula by K. Saito

p. 29
B.2. Thema: Analytical reference materials

About K-Ar (Ar-Ar technique) reference materials by G.S. Odin

p. 31
B.3. Thema: Reliability of geochronometers

- Mineral separation by temperature change of heavy liquid by Zhang Zichao et al

p. 32

- Precise U-Th-Pb dating of volcanogenic zircon from tuffaceous rocks by R.E. Zartman et al

p. 37
C. Reports, Meetings and useful references
C.1.International Geological Congress: Kyoto, 1992

C.1.1. Business meeting of SOG during IGC Report by G.S. Odin

p. 38

C.1.2. Symposium "Radiometric dating of the stratigraphic sequence" by several authors

p. 40

C.1.3. Other Symposia by several authors

p. 41
C.2 Meeting Integrated Stratigraphy of the Miocene sequence

C.2.1. Report on the Conference at Portonovo (Italy) by G.S. Odin et al

p. 44

C.2.2. Selected contributions from the Portonovo meeting by several authors

p. 55
C.3. Activity Report from Japan by I. Kaneoka
p. 67
C-4. References
p. 68