Ref 286.
Odin G. S., 1995 (rédacteur). Phanerozoic Time Scale, Bull. Liais. Inform. IUGS Subcom. Geochronol., 13, Offset Paris, 60p.

Phanerozoic Time scale; BULLETIN of LIAISON and INFORMATION of the IUGS Subcommission on Geochronology (International Commission on Stratigraphy)
G.S. Odin (Chairman) H. Lippolt (Vice Chairman) A.J. Hurford (Secretary)
Volume 13 (I-1995)
Echelle des temps phanérozoïques; BULLETIN de LIAISON et INFORMATION
Sous commission de Géochronologie de l'UISG (Commission Internationale de Stratigraphie)
G.S. Odin (Président) H. Lippolt (Vice Président) A.J. Hurford (Secrétaire)

Contents / Sommaire

A- Administrative life Subcommission by G. S Odin
- Annual report to International Union of Geological Sciences 1994
p. 2
Meetings of SOG at ICOG 8
p. 8
B- Contributions to the research
B.1. Theme Time scale

- Geochronology historical stratotypes, Campanian and Maastrichtian Stages by G.S. Odin, S. Clauser and M. Renard

p. 10
B.2. Theme Reference materials

- Towards conventions for references materials for the Ar/Ar Technique by G.S. Odin

p. 18

see Enquiry

p. 20

- Notes on the intercalibration of K-Ar reference materials by G.S. Odin


- Evaluation of argon standards… by D.C. Rex & P. Guise


- Proposal for a glass age standard "JAS-G1" by N. Kitada & K. Wadatsumi

p. 23
B.3. Theme Conventions

- "Géochronologie" (Terminologie française commentée) by GS Odin

p. 28
B.4.WG Integrated Stratigraphy of the Miocene Sequence -ISMS- report
p. 52
C- Reports, Meetings and useful references
C.1. News from national groups for geochronology

- Recent activities of geochronological studies in Japan (1993-1994) by I. Kaneoka

p. 54
C.2. List of References relevant for SOG themes
p. 56
D- Announcements (next meetings; SOG membership; announcements)
p. 58

-see especially membership SOG: Enquiry

p. 58