Ref 319.
Odin G. S., 1997 (rédacteur). Phanerozoic Time Scale, Bull. Liais. Inform. IUGS Subcom. Geochronol., 14, Offset Paris, 52 p.

Phanerozoic Time scale; BULLETIN of LIAISON and INFORMATION of the IUGS Subcommission on Geochronology (International Commission on Stratigraphy)
G.S. Odin (Chairman) I. Kaneoka (Vice Chairman) A.J. Hurford (Secretary)
Volume 14 (XI-1997)
Echelle des temps phanérozoïques; BULLETIN de LIAISON et INFORMATION
Sous commission de Géochronologie de l'UISG (Commission Internationale de Stratigraphie)
G.S. Odin (Président) I. Kaneoka (Vice Président) A.J. Hurford (Secrétaire)

Contents / Sommaire

A. Administrative life Subcommission

- Annual report to International Union of Geological Sciences 1995

p. 2

- Annual report to International Union of Geological Sciences 1996

p. 6

- Annual report to International Union of Geological Sciences 1997

p. 8
B- Contributions to the research
B-1. WG Time scale
p. 12

- The Eocene-Oligocene boundary stratotype; Massicore by A. Montanari, P. Sandroni et al.

B-2. WG: Integrated Stratigraphy of the Miocene Sequence

- Contents of the SOG volume MIOCENE STRATIGRAPHY, an integrated approach

p. 15

- Chronostratigraphy of Miocene stages by G.S. Odin, A. Montanari, R. Coccioni

p. 16

B-3 WG: Integrated Stratigraphy Miocene from Japan (leader M. Takahashi)

B-4. WG: Maastrichtian (leader G.S. Odin)
B-5. WG Reference materials and conventions

- Progress in accuracy of 40Ar / 39Ar dating by P. R. Renne & Alan L. Deino

p. 39

- Report on K-bearing young reference materials for radiometric dating by P. Y. Gillot et al.

p. 41
B-6. past WG Conventions and nomenclature in French for Geochronology
p. 44

C- Reports, Meetings and useful references

C-1. News from National groups for geochronology

Recent activities of geochronolocal studies in Japan (1995-1996) by Ichiro Kaneoka

p. 45
C-2. Next meetings
p. 50
C-3. Some recent references relevant for SOG themes
p. 50