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Odin G.S. (rédacteur), 2001. Phanerozoic Time Scale. Bulletin de Liaison et Informations, IUGS Subcommission on Geochronology, 16, offset Paris: 50 pp.

Phanerozoic Time scale; BULLETIN of LIAISON and INFORMATION of the IUGS Subcommission on Geochronology (International Commission on Stratigraphy)
G.S. Odin (Chairman) I. Kaneoka (Vice Chairman)
Volume 16 (IV-2001)
Echelle des temps phanérozoïques; BULLETIN de LIAISON et INFORMATION
Sous commission de Géochronologie de l'UISG (Commission Internationale de Stratigraphie)
G.S. Odin (Président) I. Kaneoka (Vice Président)

Contents / Sommaire

A. Administrative life Subcommission

- Annual report to International Union of Geological Sciences / Internat. Comm. Stratigraphy: 1999

p. 3

- Annual report to International Union of Geological Sciences / Internat. Comm. Stratigraphy: 2000

p. 6
B. Contributions to the research
1. WG Time scale

The age of the Campanian-Maastrichtian stage boundary; correlation between Tercis (France), estern Interior (USA), and Gubbio (Apennines). by G. S. Odin

p. 9
2. WG reference materials and conventions
2.1. reference material
p. 16

- New fluence monitor for 40Ar/39Ar dating. by M. A. Lanphere

- Biotite from Heidelberg by J. C. Hess

2.2. about terminology
p. 17

- Error and uncertainty by M.M. Bé

- 1.000, 00 or 1,000.00 by M.M. Bé

- Isotopes and Nuclides by Georges Audi

3- WG Integrated Stratigraphy of the Miocene Sequence, Miocene from Japan

- Integrated stratigraphy of the Miocene marine sequence in the Tanagura area, Northeast Japan by Masaki Takahashi, Yukio Yanagisawa, Hiroki Hayashi, Hideki Iwano & Toshinori kada

p. 18

- Geochronologic constraints on some important calcareous microfossil biohorizons in the lower part of the Miocene Karasuyama sequence, Japan by Masaki Takahashi, Hiroki Hayashi, Yuichiro Tanaka, Toshinori Okada

p. 27

- Lithostratigraphy, magnetic polarity stratigraphy, and radiometric dates of the Miocene Nakagawa Group in central Japan by Hiroyuki Hoshi

p. 37
4- WG Maastrichtian

- Contents of volume "The Campanian-Maastrichtian stage boundary: characterisation at Tercis les Bains (France), correlation with Europe and other continents" by Odin G. S. (editor) 2001

p. 40
C. Reports and references

- Recent activities of gechronological studies in Japan (1998) by Ichiro Kaneoka

p. 44

- Some references relevant for SOG themes

p. 49

- Last information by James K. W. Lee

p. 50