GENUS Anthracoporella PIA 1920

SPECIES Anthracoporella vicina KOCHANSKY et HERAK 1960

(by B. Granier)

1. Synonymy list

1960 Anthracoporella vicina n. sp.- Kochansky & Herak, Pl. I, fig. 1-5

1966 Anthracoporella vicina.- Kochansky-Devidé & Ramovš, Pl. VI, fig. 3-4

1970a  Anthracoporella vicina.- Kochansky-Devidé, Pl. XXII, fig. 4

1978 Anthracoporella vicina.- Ramovš, Fig. 6.1

1986 non Anthracoporella vicina.- Mirković, Pl. III, fig. 2.1

2. Type

holotype: Pl. I, fig. 3, thin section N 1835, V. Kochansky-Devidé Collection, Geolosko-paleontoloski zavod, Prirodoslovno-matematicki fakultet [Geological and Palaeontological Institute, Faculty of Sciences], Zagreb (Croatia)

type locality: Okroznik, Vitanje, N Celje (Slovenia)

stratum typicum: upper part of the Upper CARBONIFEROUS

3. Diagnosis


4. Description

original description (Kochansky & Herak, 1960):  The thallus is ramified, in general tube-shaped but irregular. The branches of the thallus are very long (measured to 16 mm. in length). The variation of the diameter is great (D = 1-4.5 mm, d = 0.7-2.2 mm). The wall is usually thin (cca 0.13-0.37 mm). The pores (branches) are mostly simple. Bifurcation is very rare. Their cross section is round; the diameter 0.025-0.046 mm. The pores are separated by very thin interpores, which can be partially resorbed (pl. 1, fig. 5). Owing to recrystalization in many specimens the fine structure of the wall is destroyed. 

measurements: (in mm from Kochansky & Herak, 1960)

 D 3.1-2.4-cca 4.5-1.3-4.4

 d 2.2-1.6-?-0.98-4.0

 s 0.35-0.37-0.14-0.13-0.20

 p (average) 0.037-0.030-0.030-0.028-0.032

5. Remarks

6. Stratigraphic range

CARBONIFEROUS (Kochansky & Herak, 1960; Kochansky-Devidé & Ramovš, 1966; Ramovš, 1978), Early PERMIAN (Kochansky-Devidé, 1970a)

7. Real distribution

Croatia >(Kochansky & Herak, 1960), Slovenia (Kochansky & Herak, 1960; Kochansky-Devidé & Ramovš, 1966; Kochansky-Devidé, 1970a; Ramovš, 1978)

8. Paleoecology

9. Figures