GENUS Permoperplexella ELLIOTT 1968

SPECIES Permoperplexella attenuata ELLIOTT 1968

(by Anonymous)

1. Synonymy list

1968a Permoperplexella attenuata n. gen. n. sp.- Elliott, Pl. 17, fig. 1-5

1988 Permoperplexella.- Deloffre, Pl. 2, fig. 22, from Elliott (1968a: Pl. 17, fig. 1)

2. Type(s) 

holotype: Pl. 17, fig. 4, thin section N V.52085, G.F. Elliott Collection, British Museum (Natural History), London (United-Kingdom)

paratypes: Pl. 17, fig. 1, thin section N V.52084; Pl. 17, fig. 2-3 & 5, thin section N V.52085, British Museum (Natural History), London (United-Kingdom)

type locality: Ora, Mosul Liwa, N Irak (Irak)

stratum typicum: Permian (Zinnar Fm, defined by R.G.S. Hudson {1958, Palaeontology, vol. 1, part 3, p. 174-192}, i.e. the lower unit of the Chia Zairi Limestone Formation)

3. Diagnosis (none)

4. Description

original description (Elliott, 1968a):  Hollow elongate calcified club-shaped thallus, length about 2.5 mm., external diameter increasing gradually from 0.5 mm. near the base and swelling to 0.9 mm. or more sub-terminally, internal diameters 45-46% external, ends rounded, terminal apertures of about 0.156 mm. and 0.312 mm. diameter respectively. About 22 consecutive verticils each of about 20 branches, branches in successive verticils arranged alternately. The branches in vertical section are seen to communicate with the internal cavity by a narrow pore, and expand at once to a rounded rectangular section, occasionally seen as flask-shaped in the terminal expansion of the thallus. In cross-section they are rounded-polygonal, about 0.1 mm. diameter, and separated by calcareous interstices of 0.020 mm. or less. Traces of a narrow longitudinal calcified structure within the central cavity. 

Measurements: (see above)

5. Remarks

6. Stratigraphic range

PERMIAN (Elliott, 1968a)

7. Real distribution

Irak (Elliott, 1968a)

8. Paleoecology