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    Calcareous Algae [CALCALGA]

    The aim of the CALCALGA list is the diffusion and interchange of information and knowledge relating to any aspect of the biology and palaeobiology of calcareous algae and bacteria. Specialists on modern and fossil calcareous algae and bacteria from any country are welcome as subscribers. English and Spanish are the preferred languages to be used in the contributions to the list but any other languages are also welcome.
    CALCALGA covers the diverse groups of algae and cyanobacteria that produce calcium carbonate as a result of their activity. Among palaeobiologists, there is a tradition of gathering specialists on benthic calcareous algae separately from researchers on calcareous nannoplankton. The CALCALGA list will mainly focus on benthic calcareous algae and bacteria.

    CALCareous ALGAe Newsgroup

  • International "Fossil Algae" Association

    International "Fossil Algae" Association

    The International "Fossil Algae" Association is a non-profit organization interested in promoting the study of fossil algae: taxonomy, morphology, biology, biostratigraphy, palaeo-ecology, mineralization, etc. The scope of this site is to provide some general information on our activities, past and future.

  • Related Projects

SVIBOR, Zagreb, CROATIA [Croatian]

SVIBOR, Zagreb, CROATIA [English]

  • Carl Wilhelm von GÜMBEL (1823-1898)

Carl Wilhelm von GÜMBEL (1823-1898)

Carl Wilhelm von Gümbel (geb. 11. 2. 1823) war einer der herausragendsten Geologen seiner Zeit und der bedeutendste Geologe Bayerns ...

Carl Wilhelm von Gümbel

Carl Wilhelm von GÜMBEL (1823-1898)

Carl Wilhelm Gümbel wurde im Februar 1823 als jüngster von elf Brüdern in Dannenfels (heutiges Rheinland/Pfalz) geboren ...

  • Fossil Dasycladales

Early Cretaceous calcareous Algae

A catalogue of some fossil Dasyclads such as Actinoporella jaffrezoi, A. nigra, and many others.

  • Living Dasycladales

Morphogenesis and developmental Genetics of Acetabularia, Washington, U.S.A.

Dina MANDOLI's Laboratory studies how Acetabularia, a giant (3 cm tall) uninucleate unicellar Alga, makes/maintains body region identity during development of morphology.

  • Webrings

Fossil and Living Algae Webring

It is dedicated to the Algae, fossil or living, and to people studying them. It concerns paleontologists as well as biologists.

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