Kamen-Kaye was known in some circles as a geologist's geologist. He is dwarfed by the columns of Leptis Magna, a large city, visited near the end of his reign and richly endowed with public monuments by Emperor Septimius Severus whowas born there. The Basilica was completed by Severus's son Caracalla in 218 AD. The theater was an integral part of Roman culture. The one at Sabratha is still used as the wooden flooring shows. The theater at Leptis is much the larger and was decorated with many intaglio figures and statues. The dancer is one of them. Along with the heads of the comedians and the three gods, the central one probably Hermes. The statue of Perseus with the Gorgon's head held at arms length stands as you see in front of the proscenium of Leptis Magna's once ornate stage.