The pictures of my wife are but a few of the many that I took over the years. The one in Ras Tanura was on fast film in the dark. The moon is visible between tree branches on the right. "Dhahran" is in front of the screen-door entrance to the porch of our stucco duplex. On our 1958 long leave we drove across the states by a northern route, stopping in Yellowstone and Glacier park and going down the Columbia river to the coast. "New York" was in the bedroom of our apartment at 36 East 70th. Georgia draped it with striped cloth to give a tent-like effect. The one in the house and at the inn are birthday pictures. Hers was on New Year's eve. "77th Birthday" was her last, just a month before she departed this life. We are leaving the dining room of the Hotel Continental to return to our apartment. As dressing for the occasion had become a tradition, she made the effort to put on her finery. You can see the petit-point evening purse that she made herself from designs prepared by Mlle. Cochet based on motifs of the Unicorn tapestries. I am carrying glass candle-holders that we bought in Damascus made from recycled bottles .