The picture in native dress was made in Tunis in 1944. My office in Chicago was small but had a door. The inn in Matalpino was a site for festivities. My wife's hand holds a glass to be filled, but I am having difficulty with the cork of a new bottle. The occasion may have been my birthday. The last photo was taken late in 2003. I am seated at my computer where I spend many hours every day. My book is a study of King Ibn Saud that I undertook after my wife was gone. It occupied my mind for more than four years. After four more years it was published early in 2002 The book is more than a life of Ibn Saud. In addition to a concise history of the Saud family, it reviews his friends and enemies, giving summaries of the lives of those most important to him and his plans, and discusses briefly widely disparate items in 'Notes' that include an excerpt from an unpublished letter by the first European to cross the Rub' al Khali, Bertram Thomas.