'Field Trip' shows dinner on a long trek into the field. When I took the photo we must have been out at least a week judging by the length of stubble on every cheek. The imposing butte in the next photo is an 'Outlier' of the long (400-mile) north-south trending escarpment carved in Jurassic (90 to 135 million years old) limestones and shales visible in the background. We shot gazelle from a car rolling at 35 miles an hour in pursuit of the herds, now gone. The use of hawks and greyhounds (salukis) for the hunt was still practiced by the well-to-do when I worked in Arabia. The black buzzards of central Arabia were huge, at least four feet tall. When you approached they ran several hundred feet before gaining enough speed to take off. There were no trees for them to nest in.