Seven of the photos were taken in 1939-40. The guard in the red robe was of Somali origin, but may have been born in Arabia. He accompanied King Ibn Saud when this all-powerful monarch visited Dhahran early in May. The little boy and the couple were snapped during the Id al Fitr holiday in Hofuf. The wife of the couple is the black shadow to the right of her husband. The ladies and the donkey are in festive array because of the three-day holiday marking the "Id." The white donkeys of al Hasa were renowned for their size and strength. This one has been tinted with henna and has an elaborate red headstall. The woman and baby on the camel were in the northern desert near the Jordan border in 1949.The tent may be only a summer campsite near a town. It is divided into two, the closed portion to the left being the women's bailiwick; that to the right the site for receiving guests. The ladies have been busy weaving a long length of heavy cloth, probably for a tent, as it is black. The loom is the arrangement of sticks visible near the tent. If you look close, you will see two women in front of their quarters.