Figures of Novocrania


Geographic distribution of the extant Novocrania

(from Emig, 1997, modified 2014)


Distribution of Novocrania anomala in the Mediterranean Sea (from Emig, 2014).
Since Robinson (2017) erected N. turbinata to a valid species with occurrences of both species in the Mediterranean, and possible in the same biotope. Nevertheless, he did not studied specimens from the type area (Sicily) of N. turbinata, nor bathyal specimens.

Photography - Novocrania  in about 15 m depth at Tarrafal, northwestern coast of Sao Tiago Island (Cape Verde Islands).
Copyright Peter Wirtz

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Novocrania turbinata - coll. P. Wirtz

Photography - From a cave in 6 m depth from Cyprus (Cape Greco, Cyprus) with three brachiopod species : Novocrania sp. ?, Argyrotheca cuneata and Megathiris detruncata Copyright Peter Wirtz

Novocrania turbinata, Argyrotheca cuneata and Megathiris detruncata - coll. P. Wirtz

Branches of the stony coral Dendrophyllia cornigera with many brachiopods, i.e., Novocrania turbinata?, Megerlia truncata (and occurrence of the form formerly called Pantellaria/Megerlia monstruosa), rare Platidia anomioides. Terebratulina retusa and Megathiris detruncata, a cryptic species - are not pictured here. On fig. C, Megerlia fixed on Novocrania. Sources: st. BM 30: 139-147 m, 42°41.67'N - 8°48.11'E (R/V Catherine-Laurence - N off Bay of Calvi, W Corsica); st. A36: 175-180 m, 42°58'36"N - 5°36'24"E; st. A 91: 195-200 m, 42°59.1'N - 5°33.40'E (R/V Antedon - South of La Ciotat, Blauquières Bank, Provence) - see Emig (2014).