Sous-embranchement (subphylum) des Rhynchonelliformea  
Classe des Rhynchonellata 
Ordre des Rhynchonellida 
Super-famille des Pugnacoidea 
Super-famille des Dimerelloidea 
Super-famille des Norelloidea 
Super-famille des Hemithiridoidea 

Genus Manithyris Foster, 1974
[Type species= Manithyris rossi Foster, 1974 (p. 55)]
Small, subequibiconvex, broadest anterior to midlength; finely capillate shell surface and irregularly ligate anterior commissure. Widely spaced crura spatulate, with outer surfaces strongly convex and inner surfaces concave, transitional between spinuliform and arcuiform; low dorsal median ridge; outer hinge plate narrow, no inner hinge plate.

Diagnosis from volume 4 of the
Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology (2002)

Extant Species of Manithyris
  • M. rossi Foster, 1974
  • Diagnosis

    Manithyris rossi  Foster, 1974

    Type locality: “HU st. 32-52 (73°19'S, 174°53.1'W): 2897-2904 m.”
    Depth range: 2897 - 2904 m

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