Sous-embranchement (subphylum) des Rhynchonelliformea  
Classe des Rhynchonellata 
Ordre des Rhynchonellida 
Super-famille des Pugnacoidea 
Super-famille des Dimerelloidea 
Super-famille des Norelloidea 
Super-famille des Hemithiridoidea 

Genus Pemphixina Cooper, 1981
[Type species= Rhynchonella nigricans var. pyxidata Davidson, 1880(p. 59)]

Small to medium, moderately dorsibiconvex, rounded to globular, strongly uniplicate, but dorsal fold scarcely raised; beak short, erect, foramen hypothyrid, elongate-oval, small; deltidial plates disjunct; shell surface multicostellate, costellae rounded, interrupted by numerous concentric growth lines. Hinge teeth thick, buttressed by short dental plates; crura short, crescentic in cross section, incipiently canaliform; dorsal median septum short but rising to crest just anterior to crura.


Diagnosis from volume 4 of the
Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology (2002)

Extant Species of Pemphixina
  • P. pyxidata (Davidson, 1880)
  • Diagnosis

    Pemphixina pyxidata   (Davidson, 1880)

    Type locality:

    “South of Kerguelen Island at Station 150, lat. 50°4'S., long. 71°22'E. Depth, 150 fathoms” [274 m].
    Depth range: 185 - 900 m

    Rhynchonella nigricans var. pyxidata Davidson, 1888
    Tegulorhynchia pyxidata Champan & Crespin, 1923
    Tegulorhynchia pyxidata: Champan & Crespin (1923)
    Notosaria nigricans pyxidata Cooper, 1959
    Notosaria pyxidata d'Hondt, 1977

    Diagnose in preparation -