Sous-embranchement (subphylum) des Rhynchonelliformea  
Classe des Rhynchonellata 
Ordre des Terebratulida 

Sous-ordre des Terebratulidina 
Super-famille des Terebratuloidae 

Genus Tichosina Cooper, 1977
[Type species = Tichosina floridensis Cooper, 1977, p. 62]

[=Eurysina Cooper, 1983, p. 259 (type, Tichosina ovata Cooper, 1977, p. 79)]

Small to large, subtriangular to ovate in outline; anterior commissure rectimarginate to widely uniplicate; beak suberect, foramen small to large, mesothyrid to permesothyrid; symphytium partially visible; pedicle collar short, teeth narrow; cardinal process elliptical; outer hinge plates variable, concave, with broad, flattish crural bases extending to apex and walling off outer hinge plates, which are attached to dorsal edge of crural base distally; loop small, narrow; crural processes blunt, generally overhanging posterior of broad, medially folded transverse band.

Derivation : Greek teichos = wall (Cooper, 1977)

Oligocene - Present

Diagnosis from volume 5 of the
Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology (2006)

Extant Species of Tichosina
  • T. floridensis Cooper, 1977
  • T. cubensis (Pourtalès, 1867)
  • T. bartletti (Dall, 1882)
  • T. bartschi (Cooper, 1934)
  • T. abrupta Cooper, 1977
  • T. bahamiensis Cooper, 1977
  • T. elongata Cooper, 1977
  • T. erecta Cooper, 1977
  • T. expansa Cooper, 1977
  • T. labiata Cooper, 1977
  • T. martinicensis Cooper, 1977
  • T. obesa Cooper, 1977
  • T. pillsburyae Cooper, 1977
  • T. plicata Cooper, 1977
  • T. rotundovata Cooper, 1977
  • T. solida Cooper, 1977
  • T. subtriangulata Cooper, 1977
  • T. truncata Cooper, 1977
  • Diagnosis


    Nota:  all the Tichosina species originally described by Cooper (1977) need to be revised on valid taxonomic characters because mainly described on variations of such characters.

    Tichosina floridensis   Cooper, 1977.

    Type locality: Oregon st. 1025, 25°13'N, 83°55'W; 119 m, west of Cape Sable (USA).
    Depth range: 119 - 218 m.

    Original Diagnosis - Cooper (1977)

    Terebratulinae with a flat bladed crural base and crural process forming a wall along the inside edge of the outer hinge plate.

    Tichosina floridensis: part of Pl. 11 of Cooper (1977), from st. 1025

    Tichosina plicata   Cooper, 1977

    Type locality: Oregon st. 5624, 10°52'N, 68°08'W; 102 m, north of Puerto Cabello (Venezuela).
    Depth range: 93 - 500 m.

    Tichosina bullisi Cooper, 1977, p. 66.
    Tichosina dubia Cooper, 1977, p. 68.
    Tichosina sp. indet. Rojas et al., 2009.

    Original Diagnosis - Cooper (1977)

    Strongly folded Tichosina of average size.

    Tichosina plicata: part of Pl. 15 of Cooper (1977), from st. 5624

    Tichosina plicata attached to deep-water corals Madracis from the San Bernardo Bank - Scale bars 10 mm (Rojas et al., 2022).

    Tichosina cubensis   (Pourtalès, 1867)

    Type locality: off Havana in 270 fathoms.
    Depth range: 146-3111 m.

    Terebratula cubensis Pourtalès, 1867, p. 109.
    Lyothyris sphenoidea Davidson (part) not Philippi, 1886.
    Gryphus cubensis (Dall, 1920).

    Original Diagnosis - Pourtalès (1867)

    Shell globose, thin, light horn-colored, translucent, obscurely pentagonal, smooth, or showing faintly the lines of growth; the inferior margin of the transverse portion of the loop with three indentations, differing in this respect from T. vitrea [= Gryphus vitreus], in which this part is entire; otherwise these two species resemble each other very closely. The largest specimen is 1 1/10 inch long, 9/10 of an inch broad, and 7/10 high.
    It may prove to be identical with an undescribed Terebratula, from recent formation of Guadaloupe, mentioned in Bull. Soc. Geol. de France, Tome 20, 1863.