Sous-embranchement (subphylum) des Craniiformea
Classe des Craniata
Ordre des Craniida
Super-famille des Cranioidea
Famille des Craniidae


Genus Valdiviathyris Helmcke, 1940
[Type species= Valdiviathyris quenstedti Helmcke, 1940]

Small, dorsal valve obliquely conical, beak posterocentral, shell very thin; ornament of fine growth lamellae only. Internally two erect median processes project ventrally, brachial protractor muscles attach to posterior of processes; punctae lack a caecum and branch from the internal surface.

Ventral valve calcified, thickened around margins.

Late Eocene - Present

Diagnosis of Robinson & Lee, 2007, in: Systematics and Biodiversity, 5 (1), 123-131.

Species of Valdiviathyris
  • V. quenstedti Helmcke, 1940
  • Depth range: 328-900 m

     FIGURES : Valdiviathyris