Sous-embranchement (subphylum) des Linguliformea
Classe des Lingulata
Ordre des Lingulida
Super-famille des Linguloidea
Famille des Lingulidae

Genus Argentiella Archbold, Cisterna & Sterren, 2005
[Type-species = Argentiella stappenbecki] - no figure in the diagnoses
Feebly developed dorsal median ridge and ventral visceral area; both extend anteriorly about two-thirds of shell length. Anterior dorsal intercalated ridge absent. Ventral sub parallel-sided broad median ridge not developed in posterior fifth of shell.
Early Permian.

Occurrences: Early Permian: Santa Elena Formation, Uspallata Hill, about 9 km east of Uspallata village (Mendoza province, Argentina).

Diagnosis from Archbold, Cisterna & Sterren (2005).

Species of Argentiella

  • A. stappenbecki Archbold, Cisterna & Sterren, 2005

  • The references of this page are:

    • Archbold N.W., Cisterna G.A. & A. F. Sterren, 2005. Lingulida (Brachiopoda) from the early Permian of Argentina. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria, 117 (2), 307-317.

    Argentiella stappenbecki Archbold, Cisterna & Sterren, 2005

    Holotype: IPI 3627a-b, a dorsal valve internal mould and external mould. Type locality: Early Permian: Uspallata Hill, about 9 km east of Uspallata village (Mendoza province, Argentina).
    Etymology: Named for Dr Richard Stappenbeck, pioneer Argentinian geologist.

    Diagnosis - (Archbold, Cisterna & Sterren, 2005) no figure included

    Shell elongate, oval; ventral umbo pointed; pedicle groove narrow. Propareas small distinct. Dorsal median ridge weakly impressed, extending anteriorly for two-thirds of valve length. Ventral visceral area extending about two-thirds valve length.

    NOTA: Archbold, Cisterna & Sterren (2005) state that the genus is close to Barroisella and Langella. However according to Holmer & Popov in the Treatise (2000), both genera are indicated with ? suggesting that these genera may not belong to Lingulidae! But the three genera are too poorly described to be able to decide on their position among the Lingulida.