Sous-embranchement (subphylum) des Linguliformea
Classe des Lingulata
Ordre des Lingulida
Super-famille des Linguloidea
Famille des Lingulidae

Genus Semilingula Egorov & Popov, 1990
[Type-species = Lingula miloradovichi] - no figure in the diagnoses
Similar to Lingularia, but vestigial dorsal vascula media.

Occurrences: Permian: Russia, Australia, Arctic.

Diagnosis from Holmer & Popov (2000).

Species of Semilingula

  • S. miloradovichi (Ifanova, 1972)
  • S. taimyrensis (Einor)
  • to be completed

  • The references of this page are:

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    Semilingula miloradovichi (Ifanova, 1972)

    not Lingula artica Miloradovich, 1936 - see Archbold et al; (2005) and ICZN Article 57.

    Diagnosis - (Ifanova, 1972) no figure included

    to be translated