Sous-embranchement (subphylum) des Rhynchonelliformea
Classe des Rhynchonellata
Ordre des Terebratulida
Sous-Ordre des Terebratellidina
Super-famille des Megathyridoidea


Genus Ecnomiosa Cooper, 1977
[Type species= Ecnomiosa gerda Cooper, 1977 (p. 131)]

Small, subcircular, smooth, gently biconvex, anterior commissure rectimarginate; beak ridges slightly tuberculate; foramen large, hypothyrid, deltidial plates very narrow, disjunct, pedicle collar short; hinge teeth with small recessive dental plates. No cardinal process; high inner socket ridges with long crura that are anteromedially convergent; septal pillar platelike at its base with high, narrow distal extremity (axial loop phase), descending branches absent.
Lophophore zygolophous and heavily spiculate.


Diagnosis from volume 5 of the
Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology (2006)

Extant Species of Ecnomiosa
  • P. gerda Cooper, 1977
  • P. inexpectata Cooper, 1981
  • Diagnosis

    Ecnomiosa gerda   Cooper, 1977

    Type locality: xx
    Depth range: 915 - 723 m


    Diagnosis in preparation -

    Ecnomiosa inexpectata   Cooper, 1981

    Type locality: “MD.08: st. 44, CP 199, 46°18.0'S, 51° 14.0'E to 46°16.0'S, 51°13.0'E, east-west radial Crozet, between Possession and Cochons Islands at 1500 m.”
    Depth range: 884 - 1500 m


    Diagnosis (Cooper, 1981) -

    Medium size, faintly sulcate Ecnomiosa.