SubOrder Terebratellidina

Sous-embranchement (subphylum) des Rhynchonelliformea  
Classe des Rhynchonellata 
Ordre des Terebratulida 

Sous-ordre des Terebratellidina 
Super-famille des Zeillerioidea 
Super-famille des Kingenoidea 
Super-famille des Laqueoidea 
Super-famille des Megathyridoidea 
Super-famille des Bouchardioidea 
Super-famille des Platidioidea 
Super-famille des Terebratelloidea 
Super-famille Uncertain 
Super-famille des Kraussinoidea 

Sous-ordre Uncertain 
Super-famille des Gwynioidea 

Extant taxa only - Taxons actuels uniquement



  • Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology (R. L. Kaesler, ed.), Part H. Brachiopoda. Geological Society of America and University of Kansas, Boulder, Colorado, and Lawrence, Kansas, vol. 5 (2006).


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  • Superfamily Zeillerioidea

       Family ZEILLERIIDAE   

    Subfamily Macandreviinae

    Genus Macandrevia   

    Superfamily Kingenoidea

       Family KINGENIDAE   

    Subfamily Ecnomiosinae

    Genus Ecnomiosa   


    Subfamily Babukellinae

    Genus Fallax   
        Synonym: Laurinia
    Genus Septicollarina   

    Superfamily Laqueoidea

       Family LAQUEIDAE   

    Subfamily Laqueinae

    Genus Laqueus   

    Subfamily Glaciarculinae

    Genus Glaciarcula   

       Family FRENULINIDAE   

    Subfamily Frenulininae

    Genus Frenulina   
    Genus Jolonica

    Subfamily Pictothyridinae

    Genus Pictothyris

    Subfamily Shimodaiinae

    Genus Shimodaia   

       Family TEREBRATALIIDAE   

    Subfamily Terebrataliinae

    Genus Terebratalia   
    Genus Coptothyris   
    Genus Dallinella   
    Genus Diestothyris
    Genus Tythothyris   

    Superfamily Megathyridoidea Dall, 1870

       Family MEGATHYRIDIDAE Dall, 1870   

    Genus Megathiris   
    Genus Argyrotheca   
    Genus Joania    

       Family THAUMATOSIIDAE   

    Genus Thaumatosia

    Superfamily Bouchardioidea

       Family BOUCHARDIIDAE   

    Genus Bouchardia   

    Superfamily Platidioidea Dall, 1870

    Family PLATIDIIDAE, Dall 1870

    Subfamily Platidiinae Dall, 1870

    Genus Platidia   
    Genus Amphithyris   
    Genus Neoaemula
    Genus Annuloplatidia   

    Subfamily Phaneroporinae

    Genus Phaneropora   
    Genus Leptothyrella   

    Superfamily Terebratelloidea

       Family TEREBRATELLIDAE   

    Subfamily Terebratellinae

    Genus Terebratella   
    Genus Magasella   
    Genus Aerothyris   
    Genus Aneboconcha   
    Genus Calloria   
    Genus Dyscritosia   
    Genus Fosteria   
    Genus Gyrothyris   
    Genus Neothyris   
    Genus Syntomaria   

    Subfamily Anakineticinae

    Genus Anakinetica   
    Genus Parakinetica

    Subfamily Magellaniinae

    Genus Magellania   

    Subfamily uncertain

    Genus Magadinella   
    Genus Pirothyris   

       Family DALLINIDAE   

    Subfamily Dallininae

    Genus Dallina   

    Subfamily Nipponithyridinae

    Genus Nipponithyris   
    Genus Campages   
    Genus Jaffaia

    Superfamily Uncertain

       Family UNCERTAIN   

    Genus Holobrachia
    Genus Simplicithyris   

    Superfamily Kraussinoidea

       Family KRAUSSINIDAE   

    Subfamily Kraussininae

    Genus Kraussina
    Genus Megerlina   
    Genus Pumilus
    Genus Megerella   

    Subfamily Megerliinae

    Genus Megerlia   
    Genus Lenticellaria   
    Genus Hillerella   

    Superfamily Gwynioidea

    Genus Gwynia   
    Genus Simpliciforma