Sous-embranchement (subphylum) des Rhynchonelliformea
Classe des Rhynchonellata
Ordre des Terebratulida
Sous-Ordre des Terebratellidina
Super-famille des Zeillerioidea


Genus Macandrevia King, 1859

[= Macandrewia Bronn, 1862; Frenula Dall, 1871; = Waldheimiathyris Helmcke, 1939; = Notorygmia Cooper, 1972]
[Type species= Terebratula cranium Müller, 1776 (p. 261)]

Subpentagonal in outline, smooth or with fine radial sculpture, umbo suberect to erect, deltidial plates rudimentary, pedicle foramen possibly permesothyrid, attrite; teeth moderate to large, dental plates short, straight, ventrally divergent, united by callus deposit closely applied to floor of valve; crural bases fused with inner socket ridges, crural plates steeply inclined to floor of valve, extended anteriorly, forming long, V-shaped trough extending about 0.5 valve length, low median ridge present early in ontogeny, but median septum absent in adult, loop extending about 0.75 valve length, smooth except for anterior fringe of short spines, ascending branches and transverse band moderately broad with short, posterior projections at union; diductor muscle scars attached to small, transverse impression over dorsal umbo; endopunctae minute, rather widely separated.

Eocene - Present

Diagnosis from volume 5 of the
Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology (2006)

Extant Species of Macandrevia
  • M. cranium (Müller, 1776)
  • M. tenera (Jeffreys, 1876)
  • M. americana Dall, 1895
  • M. diamantina Dall, 1895
  • M. bayeri Cooper, 1975
  • M. africana Cooper, 1975
  • M. emigi Bitner et Logan, 2016

  • Diagnosis


    Macandrevia cranium  (Müller, 1776)

    Type locality: Coast of Norway
    Depth range: 50 - 2951 m

    Macandrevia euthrya Philippi, 1844
    Terebratula glabra Leach, 1852
    Waldheimia cranium Gray, 1853
    Frenula jeffreysi (ex parte) Dall, 1871
    Macandrevia cranium var. novangliae Dall, 1920
    Macandrevia novangliaeCooper, 1977

    Diagnosis in preparation -

    Macandrevia americana  Dall, 1895

    Type locality: : “station 2783, in 122 fathoms, off the west coast of Patagonia, in latitude 51°2' south; and station 3360, in 1672 fathoms, in the Gulf of Panama” [223 and 3058 m].
    Depth range: 71 - 4062 m

    Eudesia fountaineana
    Macandrevia americana Dall, 1895
    Macandrevia craniella Dall, 1895
    Macandrevia americanum Schuchert, 1897
    Macandrevia vanhöffeni Blochmann, 1906
    Magellana fragilis Joubin, 1914 (not M. fragilis Smith, 1907)
    Macandrevia lata Thomson, 1918
    Waldheimiathyris americana Elliot, 1951
    Waldheimiathyris lata Elliot, 1951
    Macandrevia diegenensis Cooper, 1975

    Diagnosis in preparation -


    Should be added:
  • Muscle disposition: see Fig. in front - close proximity between the main and the accessory adductor muscles bases on the ventral side.
  • ML

    Muscle attachment (modified, from Foster, 1974 - with absence of separate posterior accessory diductor muscles base, the pair of ventral adductor muscle bases in a single unit)

    Macandrevia diamantina   Dall, 1895

    Type locality: off Cocos Island (approximately 550 km off the W shore of Costa Rica).
    Depth range: 2140 - 4600 m


    Macandrevia diamantina Dall, 1895
    Macandrevia coasti Helmcke, 1939
    Notorygmia diamantina Cooper, 1972
    Notorygmia abyssa Cooper, 1972
    Macandrevia aff. diamantina Cooper, 1973
    Macandrevia aff. diamantina Zezina, 1980

    Diagnosis in preparation -

    Macandrevia bayeri   Cooper, 1974

    Type locality: SW of Nigeria (3°48'E, 4°52'N, 2268-2332 m)
    Depth range: 1360 - 3975 m

    Macandrevia americana var. waldae d'Hondt, 1976

    Diagnosis in preparation -

    Macandrevia emigi   Bitner et Logan, 2016

    Type locality: , Main-Baza, Maputo transect, Mozambique Channel: st. CC3170, 25°58’S, 34°47’E, 949-952 m.
    Depth range: 132 - 1195 m

    Diagnosis   from Bitner & Logan (2016)

    Small Macandrevia with subtriangular outline and large, oval permesothyrid foramen. Loop and cardinalia typical of the genus.