Sous-embranchement (subphylum) des Rhynchonelliformea  
Classe des Rhynchonellata 
Ordre des Terebratulida 

Sous-ordre des Terebratulidina 
Super-famille des Terebratuloidae 
Super-famille des Dyscolioidae 
Super-famille des Cancellothyroidea 

Genus Xenobrochus Cooper, 1981
[Type species= Gryphus africanus Cooper, 1973 (p. 8)]

Small to medium, oval, ventribiconvex, smooth; anterior commissure rectimarginate; beak long, erect, labiate, foramen large, permesothyrid, symphytium visible; pedicle collar short, teeth large; cardinal process broad, semielliptical; hinge plates narrow, poorly defined; loop narrow, rounded, transverse band convex anteriorly.


Diagnosis from volume 5 of the
Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology (2006)

Extant Species of Xenobrochus
  • X. africanus (Cooper, 1973)
  • X. translucidus (Dall, 1921)
  • X. agulhasensis (Helmcke, 1938)
  • X. indianensis (Cooper, 1973)
  • X. australis Cooper, 1981
  • X. naudei Hiller, 1994
  • X. rotundus Bitner, 2008
  • X. norfolkensis Bitner, 2011
  • Diagnosis




    Xenobrochus africanus   (Cooper, 1973)

    Type locality: Durban Bay
    Depth range: 70 - 850 m

    Gryphus africanus Cooper 1973
    Xenobrochus anomalus Cooper 1981

    Diagnosis in preparation -

    Xenobrochus agulhasensis   (Helmcke, 1938)

    Type locality: station 106, Agulhas Bank, 35°26,8' S - 20°56,2'E - Deutsche Tiefsee-Expedition (1898)
    Depth range: about 100 m

    Terebratula vitrea var. minor Philippi
    Lioythyrina agulhasensis Helmcke, 1938
    Liothyrella agulhasensis Cooper, 1973

    Diagnosis in preparation -

    Xenobrochus australis   Cooper, 1981

    Type locality: Heard Island
    Depth range: 300 - 790 m

    Diagnosis in preparation -

    Xenobrochus rotundus   Bitner, 2008

    Type locality: Lau Ridge, Fiji Islands
    Depth range: 255 - 550 m

    Diagnosis (Bitner, 2008)

    Xenobrochus rounded in outline with small foramen, prominent cardinal process, outer hinge plates rudimentary to absent, and transverse band anteriorly convex with a slight median fold.

    Xenobrochus norfolkensis   Bitner, 2011

    Type locality: Norfolk Ridge (seamount Eponge, SW Pacific)
    Depth range: 200 - 927 m

    Diagnosis (Bitner, 2011)

    Small Xenobrochus with elongate oval outline, rectimarginate; beak erect, foramen medium, mesothyrid, symphytium visible; no cardinal process, outer hinge plates triangular, loop rounded with a wide, anteriorly convex transverse band.