Actinotrocha harmeri Zimmer, 1964

Adult: Phoronopsis harmeri Pixell, 1912


Actinotrocha ikedai A Selys-Longchamps, 1907

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Last update: October 1, 2002  

Body large and transparent without epidermal pigmentation.
No pigmentation only concentrated yellow pigmented amoebocytes occurring in characteristic locations: margin of the preoral lobe, tentacles, metasomal sac, collar ring muscle, oesophagus, perianal ciliated ring.
Tentacles: until 20 larval tentacles; adult tentacles as modified larval ones.
Two pairs of blood masses: one pair, disc-shaped, in the dorso-lateral corners of the preoral lobe and another pair in the collar, ventro-laterally, at the site of the third tentacules.
Presence of a piriform organ, shortly before the metamorphosis.

  •  Most recent published diagnoses

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