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GENUS Spinaporella FLÜGEL et FLÜGEL-KAHLER in E. FLÜGEL et alii 1984

(by J.C. Braga)

1. Synonymy


2. Type species

  Spinaporella andulasica FLÜGEL et FLÜGEL- KAHLER in E. FLÜGEL et alii 1984

3. Diagnosis

Original diagnosis (Flügel & Flügel-Kahler in Flügel et alii, 1984):  Simple, cylindrical, unbranched and non-articulated thalli; outlines vary greatly owing to the degree of calcification. Primary branches are regularly grouped in clusters and arranged in whorls (metaspondyle). The clusters consist of 2 to 4 branches, oriented perpendicularly or slightly obliquely to the central stem. The branches are long, thin, and thread-like; they exhibit no conspicious thickenings or thinnings towards the periphery. The non-fertile stage is characterized by three zones affected by different kinds of calcification: (1) A well-calcified zone near the stem cell with an irregular outer outline; (2) An irregularly or poorly calcified zone with branches curving upwards, and calcified in groups, leaving irregular open spaces in between. The terminal tips of the bundles may form horn-like projections; (3) Near the outermost periphery the tips of the upward curving bundles of the branches may be enclosed within an irregularly calcified peripheral zone.

The fertile stage is characterized by a weak calcification around and adjacent to the stem cell and by a strong calcification at the periphery producing a typical spinose pattern caused by well-defined elements resembling Prussian spiked helmets. The helmets are pierced by several thin straight branches, one of which continues into and through the spine. The crown of each helmet circumscribes the distal end of a cavity which is probably egg-shaped and, may correspond to reproductive organs. The helmets are arranged in regular whorls which easily disintegrate into their individual elements. 

4. List of species

  Spinaporella andulasica FLÜGEL et FLÜGEL-KAHLER in E. FLÜGEL et alii 1984

  Spinaporella granadaensis FLÜGEL et FLÜGEL-KAHLER in E. FLÜGEL et alii 1984

5. Remarks


6. Reference

Middle Triassic reefs from southern Spain. Facies, Erlangen, 11, p. 173-218, 11 pl. (20-30).