Sous-embranchement (subphylum) des Craniiformea
Classe des Craniata
Ordre des Craniida
Super-famille des Cranioidea
Famille des Craniidae


Genus Neoancistrocrania  Laurin, 1992
[Type species= Neoancistrocrania norfolki Laurin, 1992]

Biconical, inequivalved, ventral apex flattened as attachment cicatrix; dorsal beak posterocentral, smooth with faint growth laminae; ventral posterior muscle scars large, marginal, separated by a stout rounded swelling; dorsal interior with pair of rounded knobs alongside posterior adductors, bearing oblique muscles, extending up into ventral valve; otherwise resembling Ancistrocrania but with reduced septum between processes; marginal rim not thickened.


Diagnosis from Laurin (1992) and
volume 2 of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology

Extant Species of Neoancistrocrania
  • N. norfolki Laurin, 1992
  • Diagnosis

     FIGURES : Neoancistrocrania

         Geographic distribution


    Neoancistrocrania norfolki  Laurin, 1992 - type species

    Type locality: Norfolk Ridge (France) - CHALCAL II Cruise: st. DW 78, 23°41'3S, 167°59'6E, 233 m.
    Depth range: 100 to 619 m.

    Original Diagnosis Laurin (1992)

    Craniidae characterized by the great development of the ventral valve and by the occurrence of a reduced median septum and shelly processes in the dorsal valve. The anterior adductor muscles and brachial elevator muscles are inserted on these processes

    Neoancistrocrania norfolki (height ca. 2 cm) dredged from a seamount on the Norfolk Ridge, 2001 (New Caledonia, France). © B. L. Cohen.