Carnets de Géologie / Notebooks on Geology: Book 2009/03 (CG2009_B03)



PaleoParks - The protection and conservation
of fossil sites worldwide

[Paléo-Parcs - Sauvegarde et valorisation
de sites fossilifères à travers le monde]



Contributions from workshops
sponsored by the International Paleontological Association
at the 32nd International Geological Congress Florence, Italy (20-28 August 2004)
and the 2nd International Paleontological Congress Beijing, China (17-24 June 2006).
A third workshop is being sponsored by the IPA
at the 33rd International Geological Congress Oslo, Norway (5-14 August 2008)
Organized by Jere H. Lipps
Delegate for PaleoParks to the IPA Council
Department of Integrative Biology
Museum of Paleontology and
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720 (USA)
Special Editors:

International Palaeontological Association

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Contents [Sommaire]

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Lipps Jere H. (2009)
PaleoParks: Our paleontological heritage protected and conserved in the field worldwide
[Les Paléo-Parcs : Notre patrimoine paléontologique protégé et préservé sur site à travers le monde], p. 1-10.
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Wang Xiaofeng, Chen Xiaohong, Wang Chuanshang & Cheng Long (2009)
The Triassic Guanling fossil Group - A key GeoPark from Barren Mountain, Guizhou Province, China
[Un Géoparc majeur dans un pays perdu, Province de Guizhou, Chine], p. 11-28.
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Pagès Jean-Simon (2009)
The GeoPark of Haute-Provence, France - Geology and palaeontology protected for sustainable development
[Le Géoparc de Haute Provence, France - Géologie et paléontologie protégées pour un développement durable], p. 29-34.
[HTML] or [PDF 2,478 KB]

Gaitán Morán Javier & Álvarez Arellano Alejandro (2009)
The protection and use of the geological and paleontological heritage in Baja California Sur, Mexico.
El resguardo y aprovechamiento del patrimonio geológico y paleontológico en Baja California Sur, México
[Sauvegarde et mise en valeur du patrimoine géologique et paléontologique en Basse-Californie du Sud, Mexique], p. 35-48.
[HTML] or [PDF 391 KB]

Hayward Bruce W. (2009)
Protecting fossil sites in New Zealand
[Sauvegarde de sites fossilifères en Nouvelle-Zélande], p. 49-64.
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Sameeni Shahid Jamil (2009)
The Salt Range: Pakistan's unique field museum of geology and paleontology
[Le Salt Range : un musée de géologie et de paléontologie à ciel ouvert au Pakistan], p. 65-73.
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Boonchai Nareerat, Grote Paul J. & Jintasakul Pratueng (2009)
Paleontological parks and museums and prominent fossil sites in Thailand and their importance in the conservation of fossils
[Les parcs et musées paléontologiques et les principaux gisements fossilifères de Thaïlande : leur rôle dans la sauvegarde des fossiles], p. 75-95.
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Goldstein Alan (2009)
Managing fossil resources at the Falls of the Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, USA: A fossil park in an urban setting
[Gestion des gisements fossilifères des Chutes de l'Ohio, états de l'Indiana et du Kentucky (É.U.A.) : un site fossilifère en milieu urbain], p. 97-101.
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Fedonkin Mikhail A., Ivantsov Andrey Yu., Leonov Maxim V., Lipps Jere H., Serezhnikova Ekaterina A., Malyutin Eugeniy I. & Khan Yuriy V. (2009)
Paleo-piracy endangers Vendian (Ediacaran) fossils in the White Sea - Arkhangelsk region of Russia
[Les prélèvements sauvages, une menace pour les fossiles vendiens (édiacariens) de la région de la Mer Blanche - Arkhangelsk en Russie], p. 103-111.
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Nyborg Torrey (2009)
Copper Canyon track locality (Pliocene) conservation strategies, Death Valley National Park, USA
[Gestion et mise en valeur du site à pistes pliocènes du Copper Canyon, Parc National de la "Vallée de la Mort" (É.U.A.)], p. 113-119.
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Császár Géza, Kázmér Miklós, Erdei Boglárka & Magyar Imre (2009)
A possible Late Miocene fossil forest PaleoPark in Hungary
[Paléo-Parc à créer autour d'une forêt fossile d'âge Miocène supérieur en Hongrie], p. 121-133.
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This special volume consists of invited contributions based on presentations given at the three PaleoParks Workshops at the International Geological Congress in Florence (2004) and Oslo (2008) and the International Paleontological Congress in Beijing (2006).

For their interest, comments and advice about the PaleoParks initiative the editors thank (in alphabetic order): R. Aldridge (Leicester, UK), D. Harper (Copenhagen, Denmark), B. Lieberman (Lawrence, Kansas, USA), and R. Maddocks (Houston, Texas, USA). PaleoParks is a special project of the International Paleontological Association (URL: under the direction of J.H. Lipps (Berkeley, California, USA) as the IPA Delegate for PaleoParks. Alain Coutelle (Brest, France) provided invaluable help for the translation of the English abstracts into French.

The authors are the 'sole responsible' for the usage made of texts, illustrations and photos provided and used in their respective chapters.