International Conference Taphos 2002
3rd Meeting on Taphonomy and Fossilization

Valencia, Spain 14-16 February 2002

  Taphonomy is an essential part of palaeontology. Fossilization processes and the circumstances in which they took place must be understood before attacking problems directly related to the fossil record (rates of evolution and extinction, palaeoecologic, biostratigraphic or archaeological works).

  "Taphos 2002" will be the third meeting held in Spain on taphonomy. This meeting will be mainly sponsored by the "Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP)". The other sponsors will be the "Ayuntamiento de Valencia" (Valencia's City Council) and the "Universitat de València. Estudi General".

  This Conference is on line with the two earlier meetings held in Spain on these fields under the heading "Reunión de Tafonomía y Fosilización" (Madrid, 1990 and Zaragoza, 1996 respectively). The successful participation in these last two meetings (with many foreign attendants) has convinced us to give an international character to our forthcoming Conference and we expect a high level of participation.

  The official languages of the Conference are English and Spanish, with simultaneous translation. Ordinary contributions will be presented as posters that should be written in English; oral presentation of contributions can be in Spanish or English.

  We propose to the attendants some main topics to contribute to the Meeting:

  • Taphonomy in archaeology
  • Taphonomy in analysis of evolution and extinction patterns
  • Taphonomy in biostratigraphy
  • Theory of taphonomy
  • Taphonomy in other fields: palaeoecology, exceptional preservation, sedimentology and so on.

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